tabletwo productions, based in London, is an independent publishing company in the widest sense that embraces the grass-roots possibilities created by new publishing technologies. We are interested in art, architecture and historical projects that benefit from the non-linear and associational potential of web-based publication.

Published in 2014, David Arditti’s book Tangier 1940s & 50s – a collection of annotated drawings illustrating his childhood in post-war Tangier, is the first in the Migrations series.

We have three projects currently under development:

more than one (fragile) thing at a time (Experiments)
tabletwo productions are collaborating with muf architecture/art in the production of a web-based publication that explores and mimics the collaborative structure and methods of muf. Constructed as a series of discrete investigations that can be explored online, or selected from a take-away list for print-on-demand, this versatile publication moves beyond the conventional monograph to present muf in practice.
Authors: Katherine Clarke, Liza Fior, Helen Thomas  (and others)

Karavan (Migrations)
As part of a wider investigation into the transforming and interdependent connections between different parts of the world, tabletwo productions is investigating Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari and her work with the Heritage Foundation in simultaneously creating a history of architecture for and an architectural response to contemporary Pakistan.
Editor: Helen Thomas

Years in the Red (Radical thought and action)
This is an overt investigation into the history of a movement made through the description and analysis, via an online documentary, of a specific organisation during a 15-year period of its life.
Authors: Richard Kuper and Nina Kidron (and others)

tabletwo productions is
Nina Kidron: nina@tabletwoproductions.com
and Helen Thomas: helen@tabletwoproductions.com



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