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welcomes proposals for projects ranging from small, simple and finite to complex and accumulative.

Responding to the changing possibilities for expression, discussion and production we are drawn to the particular of every situation, and the idiosyncracies of each author, subject and idea. Every publishing project is approached as a constellation of interconnected parts, each one manifest in its ideal published form and circulated through specialist distribution networks.

We are especially but not exclusively interested in projects that bring to the fore work made by women.

Please include the following in your proposal:

A brief outline of the project’s main ideas and arguments
A description of how the project originated
A list of contents or a short abstract describing each chapter or part
Approximate word count and extent of the project
Proposed content types (with sources) for example – photos, sound files, film, interactive illustration
Information about the likely audiences envisaged for the project
Biographies of the author and other contributors


Please send proposals to:


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